2022 - 2023 School Learning Plan

CONTEXT   Our current learning context: 
Connaught Heights Elementary School is a small, diverse school in New Westminster.  We have two programs at Connaught: Montessori and Mainstream. This means that some of the families who attend with us live outside of the Connaught catchment.  Connaught Heights Elementary is located in a suburban neighbourhood but is fortunate to have many beautiful outdoor spaces surrounding the school: the meadow, the forest, playground, gravel field, courtyard, etc.  We have a desire to better connect our students with these outdoor spaces and to use them as meaningful learning environments.
DEFINE  Our goal(s) for the year:
Connaught Heights Elementary School will use the natural environment to give each community member the opportunity to explore and develop their own gifts.
EVIDENCE  Progress monitoring measures:
We will begin by collecting anecdotal data about the ways that the outdoor space is used at Connaught.  We will also have students collect data about the community’s preferred outdoor spaces and the way that they believe they could be used.  Throughout the year we will meet as a staff to discuss the impact of the steps we are taking and will also survey the students to assess whether the changes we are implementing are having the intended impact.
SUCCESS INDICATORS   Our desired impact:
Success this year looks like classes more regularly using the outdoor spaces as learning environments and seeking out opportunities to learn outside.  We would also have success if students demonstrated a respect for the outdoor environments and an appreciation of their importance.  Having families excited and engaged would let the staff know that we are moving in the right direction and that they feel the learning we are doing is meaningful and important.
COMMUNICATION   Sharing our learning journey with our community:
The community is a central part to our learning journey.  We will share with the community through channels like newsletters, teacher communication and Twitter.  We will also include the community and invite them to be participants in our journey.  Throughout the year we will invite the community to participate in a variety of events and actions that will move our school learning plan forward.  Everyone will benefit from the community being active participants – especially our learners.


Highlights at Connaught Heights Elementary School

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