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Email update request:  If you do not currently receive our StrongStart emails, and would like to, please send an email to connaughtheights@sd40.bc.ca and we will gladly add you to our email list. During this unprecedented time Ms. Laura, our StrongStart Facilitator, will communicate and connect with families through regular emails.


Newsletter: June 15, 2020

Hello everyone,  this will be the last edition of the Strongstart Newsletter since its inception on April 6. We hope you have enjoyed the information.

Please reply to this email  by Friday June 19, if you would like a booklet of all the Newsletters combined for your useage. I will be handing these out  ( and a small token for your child) for free to families during the week of June 24. Thanks to those who have already responded. I look forward to seeing you all.

Also, we have created a new  YouTube channel!!

Steps in how to find our YouTube Channel:

  1. Go onto the YouTube site.\
  2. Enter   New Westminster Strong Start.
  3. Look for the picture with painted stones.   That’s us!
  4. Check often for new content

We hope you enjoy our videos and will be uploading new stories, games and activities!

Ms. Irina, Ms. Laura, Ms Marian


Messages from Ms. Laura

June 9:  Hi everyone,  just a friendly reminder that we are preparing a special book that compiles all the StrongStart New Westminster Newsletters sicnce April 6. This will include all the early learning activities, art,  recipies and information. We will be handing these out to you for FREE UPON REQUEST with a small token of our appreciation to our families that are interested. Please reply to ldemichina@sd40.bc.ca by this friday June 12. We will have a “physical distancing” date and time at connaught to hand these out and say farewell for the summer! It will be great to see your childrens faces:)

email:  ldemichina@sd40.bc.ca if you would like a copy.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Smiles, Ms Laura


Newsletter: June 8, 2020

June 2:  Hello Families,  I wanted to wish all the families a happy and safe return to school today for those of you with older children that are attending. Unfortunately, New Westminster Strongstart will not be opening, and we are unsure of what September may look like. For Now, we will continue to work hard at this Newsletter and this week MS LAURA recorded a story video! PLease click on the link below to hear the story of “the very caterpillar” written by Eric Carle and read by me:)

Take good care, miss you all !

Ms Laura

Very Hungry Caterpillar read by Ms. Laura


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Letter from Ms. Laura during COVID -19


Virtual Storytime links with Ms. Marian

Pete The Cat and his White Shoes read by Ms. Marian

Pete The Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons read by Ms. Marian

How to build a snail habitat

Pigeon wants a puppy

Yo Slug!

Effie (A story of a special ant) read by Ms. Marian 

I Can Only Draw Worms (A Counting Book) read by Ms. Marian

Aaarrgh Spiders (A spider wants to be a pet) read by Ms. Marian

Dissection of a wasp nest video


Messages from Principal

April 6 Letter


The Importance of StrongStart

Connaught Heights is so fortunate to have a StrongStart program, led by Ms. Laura Demichina. StrongStart programs provide important community spaces for children and their families to connect, learn and play. British Columbia’s Early Learning Framework highlights the idea that “children are strong, capable in their uniqueness, and full of potential” and Connaught Heights’ StrongStart supports families in developing each child’s abilities and love of learning. The sensitivity chart shows that children have a high sensitivity period (during the ages) that they would attend StrongStart. Key areas of development, like social skills, number sense, emotional control and language, all go through a developmental period of sensitivity in the pre-school years. By attending the Connaught Heights’ StrongStart program families can learn more about how to contribute to their child’s well-being and learning. All children can play, learn and connect with other children.


2019-2020 StrongStart Calendar   


StrongStart Program Guide (2019-2020)

StrongStart: The Early Years Guide (2019-2020)


Highlights at Connaught Heights Elementary School

Our Outdoor Space

At Connaught Heights, we make good use of our outdoor spaces throughout the year including our courtyard, playgrounds, covered areas, park and courtyards. more

Small School…Big Education!

At Connaught Heights we are proud to offer both Mainstream and Montessori programs for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5.  We are excited to welcome you to our school and look forward to learning together this year! more

Our Learning Commons

Our learning commons at Connaught Heights is a great place to indulge your sense of curiosity and wonder.   more