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The Importance of StrongStart

Connaught Heights is so fortunate to have a StrongStart program, led by Ms. Laura Demichina. StrongStart programs provide important community spaces for children and their families to connect, learn and play. British Columbia’s Early Learning Framework highlights the idea that “children are strong, capable in their uniqueness, and full of potential” and Connaught Heights’ StrongStart supports families in developing each child’s abilities and love of learning. The sensitivity chart shows that children have a high sensitivity period (during the ages) that they would attend StrongStart. Key areas of development, like social skills, number sense, emotional control and language, all go through a developmental period of sensitivity in the pre-school years. By attending the Connaught Heights’ StrongStart program families can learn more about how to contribute to their child’s well-being and learning. All children can play, learn and connect with other children.


StrongStart is open Monday to Friday, from 12:30 p.m.  – 3:30 p.m. (see calendar for closure dates)


2019-2020 StrongStart Calendar   

Upcoming closure dates:

Friday, March 13

March 16 – 27 (Spring Break)


StrongStart Program Guide (2019-2020)

StrongStart: The Early Years Guide (2019-2020)