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2020-2021 Connaught Heights Staff List

Principal: Jennifer Scorda Email

Secretary: Shelley Brown Email


Division 1 Grade 4/5 : Andrew Eckert Email

Division 2 Grade 4/5 Montessori: Amy Turton Email / Wendy Weng

Division 3 Grade 3/4 Montessori: Sara Fox Email

Division 4 Grade 2/3:  Judy Jones Email / Emily Xu Email

Division 5 Grade 1/2 Montessori:  Narmatha Arunthavarajah Email

Division 6 Grade 1/2 Montessori:  Amanda MacCaskell Email / Wendy Weng

Division 7 Grade Kindergarten/1: Diane Tucsok Email

Division 8 Grade Kindergarten Montessori:  Laurie Wong Email

Resource/LST Teacher:  Sharan Mankoo Email

Fine Arts Teacher:  Emily Xu Email

Teacher Librarian: Sheryl Lee Email

Counsellor:  Kristine Michaud Email

ELL:  Sigrid Robiso Email

Speech and Language:  Gerri Seguin Email

Child Care Worker:  Melanie Gunderson Email

Special Education Assistants:

Glenna Suffron Email

Yvonne Laflam Email

Farah Byrne Email

Tina Morton Email

Radojka Gordic Email

Biljana Adamovic Email

Noon Hour Supervisors: Keiko Hargrave Email /  Betty Song Email

Strong Start Facilitator: Laura Demichina Email

Crossing Guard:  Tammy Howard Email

Custodian: Roger Vergara

Settlement Worker: Maniya Rafiei Email

Health Nurse:  Shannon Chand Email


Highlights at Connaught Heights Elementary School

Our Outdoor Space

At Connaught Heights, we make good use of our outdoor spaces throughout the year including our courtyard, playgrounds, covered areas, park and courtyards. more

Small School…Big Education!

At Connaught Heights we are proud to offer both Mainstream and Montessori programs for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5.  We are excited to welcome you to our school and look forward to learning together this year! more

Our Learning Commons

Our learning commons at Connaught Heights is a great place to indulge your sense of curiosity and wonder.   more