Connaught Heights Elementary – School/Site Safety Plan

Further to the District Biohazardous Exposure Control Plan and the COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan (V2.0), this addendum represents the site specific application of most effective to least effective measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, where practicable.

The following additional measures are listed below:

Learning Space Configuration

  • Desks and tables have been arranged to maximize space between staff/students.
    • Where possible, people are arranged to minimize facing one another directly, i.e., collaboration spaces are spaced apart and independent activity is encouraged.
    • Assigned seating is arranged.
  • If weather permits and without impact on HVAC systems, staff have been advised to open windows.
  • Staff will use consistent or assigned seating arrangements.
  • Staff will minimize changes to seating arrangements and will update Jennifer any time there is a change.
  • Staff will incorporate more individual or small group activities that encourage greater space between students, minimize physical contact and reduce shared items.
  • Classrooms have been decluttered and had unnecessary furniture removed to create space.
  • Staff are encouraged to take learning outside where, and when, possible.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • As per section 3.0 Work Environment & 4.0 Cleaning and disinfection protocols.
  • Teachers and support staff have been provided with disinfection solution and have been trained on its safe use.
  • All surfaces must be cleaned once a day. High-touch items must be cleaned twice daily.
  • Disinfectant and yellow microfiber clothes have been placed in each room.
  • Staff can use the sign-up sheet in the staffroom if they need more disinfectant or hand sanitizer.

Ventilation and air exchange

  • School’s ventilation system is serviced and operating to specifications. It is regularly checked by District Maintenance staff and those same staff are available for emergency or non-emergency callout.

Other additional Environmental Measures:

  • Refilling water stations are cleaned and disinfected and are to be used to refill personal containers.
  • Removal of soft/difficult to clean items from classrooms.
  • No unnecessary personal items are brought to the school.
  • Plexiglass screens are used in high traffic areas (the office, library, resource spaces).

Entrance & Exits

To avoid crowding in common spaces, entrance and exits students enter and exit in single file and are led by their classroom teachers. Multiple designated entry/exit points are assigned to accommodate for staggered entry/exit.

Floor plans with exits and entrances marked with pedestrian directions, where applicable, are available to staff at each site/school.

  • Staff must check-in outside the office and complete their daily health check.
  • Classes enter through their assigned door and are dismissed through their assigned door.
  • Staff are reminded to encourage distancing when students enter the building and to decrease density in high use areas (cloakrooms).
  • Students are on a staggered recess/lunch schedule (see Learning groups/cohorts below for school bell schedule).

Physical distancing outside of learning groups are maintained

  • where possible at 2m between staff and students when indoors for elementary
  • physical distancing posters are posted in high visibility/traffic areas

Learning groups/cohorts remain consistent and are changed on a minimal frequency (i.e. quarter semester or not at all throughout the school year.)

Staff only common spaces (e.g. break rooms, copy rooms, mail room, etc.)

  • Visual cues on occupancy limits, and posters on physical distancing, hand hygiene, ‘how to wear a face masks’ are posted. Limits are strictly enforced.
  • Opportunities for food preparation and or food consumption have been removed or restricted.

Itinerant Staff workspace has been designated, extra supplies of the disinfection solution, hand hygiene stations, and/or physical barriers are provided. Workspace assignment is centralized in the general office. Refer to personal measures for daily health check.

TTOC, Sub EA, casual support staff have been instructed to follow protocols and site-specific orientation protocols are provided at each school/site. Limits are strictly enforced. Refer to personal measures for daily health check.

All visitors are required to complete a daily health check prior to entry. Visitors are not permitted to enter the site unless are such entry is deemed essential by the Principal or designate.

Other additional Administrative Measures:

  • No events that bring staff and students together outside of regular learning activities occur on this site.
  • Health Declaration is included in the sign in & sign out binder/MS Forms.
  • Staff must wash hands/disinfect upon arriving at the school and exiting the school.
  • Reminders about health and safety procedures on daily announcements (proper respiratory etiquette, minimizing physical contact, hand washing, etc.).
  • Washrooms are assigned to certain learning groups.
  • Snacks/food are not permitted outside (all eating is done in the classroom, to ensure that proper hand washing protocols are followed).
  • During break times (recess and lunch) only the assigned classes may use the playground equipment.

Daily Health Checks

  • Staff and all other adult visitors are required to declare that they have completed a daily health check. Declaration sheet is located at first point of entry on site.
  • Staff are reminded to wash their hands upon arriving at the building.
  • Parents and students are been reminded of their responsibilities.
  • Strategically located posters remind all of the Daily Health Check requirements.
  • During staff meetings and PA announcements, staff and students are reminded to complete the daily health check each day and before entering the school/site.

 Stay Home When Sick Messaging

  • During staff meetings and PA announcements, staff and students are reminded to stay home when sick.
  • Strategically located posters/signage reminders.
  • If there are symptoms of illness at the school an adult should contact the office immediately and the individual will be isolated in the medical room.

Other additional Personal Measures:

  • OHS is a rolling agenda topic in staff meetings.
  • Visitors to the school must be discussed with Jennifer prior to them attending.
  • Whenever possible communication should be through phone, email, virtual meeting, etc.


  • Staff, itinerant staff, and visitors (who are able to), wear masks in accordance with the K-12 Health & Safety Guidelines.
  • Students (who are able to), wear masks in accordance with the K-12 Health & Safety Guidelines.
  • Extra supply of masks are available at the front desk for those how have forgotten theirs.
  • Extra dust masks or non surgical masks are provided in each classroom’s emergency bag.
  • Shields are available at the office.

Other additional PPE Measures:

  • Questions regarding PPE will be answered by administration.
  • OHS is a rolling agenda topic in staff meetings.